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Kitchen Craft

Proudly Goan owned and operated, The Kitchen Craft is one of the city’s premier modern and social restaurants, delivering delicious cuisine, great beverages and innovative mocktails in a fun and welcoming atmosphere for its guests. The KF serves “globally inspired” cuisine made with high quality, locally sourced, seasonal produce. The lounge serves innovative, hand-crafted mocktails made from the freshest seasonal ingredients. It also features exclusive Bruschetta, pastas and vegetarian cuisine lists hand-picked by the Managing Partner and Sommelier, Sohan Parmmar.So whether it’s enjoying good food or just a social evening out with friends, The Kitchen Craft delivers a friendly yet high quality dining experience, all wrapped up in legendary Goan hospitality.


Have a unique experience of dining with us!

All Day's SpeciaL

Our All Day Special Item’s,That Will Helps To Explore Your Proper Taste Of Item’s. 


Covered with our secret recipe rub then slow smoked for 4-6 hours over hardwood oak and apple woods to ‘melt-in-your-mouth’ perfection. Help yourself to the sauce of your choice.


This traditional Italian dish you can order today and in the office and at home. Hot pizza fit for a snack at lunchtime, and treats for friends.


All desserts are hand made here in our kitchen and are chef’s choice daily.he simple cookies are shaped in wooden molds carved with intricate patterns, emerging as finely-wrought rounds or detailed cones.


Tasty Breakfast

Your breakfast will start with freshly brewed coffee or tea, juice, homemade coffeecake, and Fruit And Jam. All Entrees include toast, cottage fries and your choice of patis.

Birthdays & Events

Whether you want to celebrate the birth of a baby, a couple getting married, or any other rite of passage, we are here to help you plan the perfect gathering. Contact us and let us know how we can help you! 

multi cuisine

Savour authentic Vietnamese cuisine with its subtle flavours, cooked to perfection by our chefs, at this splendid open-air pavilion.

Featured Delicacies

The best way to experience our wide collection of Dishes is to visit the store. Follow the aromas and choose the most enticing Food to satisfy your palate.


There are very different kinds of food varieties available including some mocktails. The staff members are also very helpful in nature. There are also some staff members who are entertaining children with anything they can have, which I liked the most.
Hilary Leigh
Hygienic and if someone is joining you for dinner from other state or country. Service is really nice. Ambience is attractive. Music is as per the events or festivals around which is quite nice. And last but not the least--->> money... It is worth trying. Value for money if you are a true food lover..
Hall Read
It has a very good variety of food which is delicious, better in quality and taste. You can rely on them regarding quality if you are going with family including infants. You can rely on them if you are desperate to try something new and tasty.
Quintin Angus
Awesome place to hangout with friends. Food is amazing. the quality of the food is unbeatable. Service was also fast and nice. Atmosphere is also good.

Jillie Tempest

Enjoy 50% OFF on all beverages

Happy Hours

Every Thursday and Friday, 4PM – 7PM

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  • 1123 4rd St. San Francisco, CA 66507
  • (315) 435 77 16
  • (315) 435 77 33